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At Hear Right, we’re specialists in hearing care with a vested interest in getting you your hearing back because we’re all too familiar with the possible consequences of living with untreated hearing loss. We believe that armed with the right information and options, Canadians will get the help they need to hear again – a mission that has taken us across the country, sweeping up highly skilled hearing professionals on our way to ensure we provide an effective, transparent, friendly service to all who may need it.

Helping you Hear Better

With hearing loss as the third-leading chronic health problem in Canada, we know Canadians are facing consequences that heavily impact their wellbeing and daily lives. From social withdrawal to suffering from undue stress, and facing difficulty communicating to outright misunderstandings that could even lead to dangerous situations, living with hearing loss can take its toll.

 We know the difference we make to our clients’ quality of life, which is why we make things as straightforward as possible when getting the help you need, thanks to:

In-depth Understanding

As hearing care specialists, we’re familiar with every type of hearing loss, its causes, and solutions, allowing us to choose the options on the market to meet your specific needs. Whether in-the-ear or behind-the-ear, premium, or more basic, each option has its considerations, and we walk you through them all. 

Beyond understanding ears and hearing loss, we also understand people and take the time to listen to what they need. Hearing better means different things to different people, so we ask about your lifestyle and hobbies, daily routines and what you do for fun, allowing us to recommend a solution that will really make a difference. We want you to hear better and understand so much more. Laugh along with and feel closer to the people you love. Enjoy long conversations again and watch TV at a volume that suits everyone– or whatever else will boost your wellbeing beyond what you thought possible. 

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A Culture of Trust

Trust is at the foundation of everything we do, between our teams, professionals, and clients. We let you know prices from the onset so that you can gauge which types of hearing aids are within your budget, and then we give you a free hearing test to determine your needs and difficulties. You won’t be pressured to make a decision – we just want to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice for your future, supporting you however you may need.

This will include fitting your hearing aid, follow-up sessions, counseling, and servicing, not to mention warranty work, maintenance checks, adjustments, and reprogramming to ensure your aid continues to meet your needs over time.

More than 50 Locations

To help as many Canadians as possible, we have teamed up with hearing specialists across the country, allowing us to provide friendly, local service in over 50 locations. We bring testing services and options of hearing solutions to people across Canada and into the US, promoting our culture and values and ensuring every client gets the personalized service they deserve.

 From Ontario to Alberta and Nova Scotia to Miami, we are building, training, and spreading knowledge on hearing loss, enabling more Canadians than ever to reclaim their hearing and, therefore, their wellbeing.

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