Hearing aid clinics in Medicine Hat

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As a leader of the hearing industry, here at Hear Right Medicine Hat, Alberta, we pride ourselves on knowing everything there is to know about ears, hearing, and the mechanics between the two, training, supporting, and challenging our professionals to best meet your needs, time and again.

When you come to the Hear Right Medicine Hat clinic in Alberta, you can be sure we’ll find you the right solution for your hearing loss, moulding the options on the market to meet your specific needs, with all advice given founded on transparency, accuracy, and confidence.

Get your hearing tested by our hearing care professionals at your local Hear Right clinic in Medicine Hat, Alberta, and get one step closer to getting your hearing back on track with the right hearing aid for you.

Our hearing center in Medicine Hat


Formerly Medicine Hat Hearing Centre

66A 8 Street NW. Medicine Hat, AB T1A 6P1


Monday to Friday: 9AM-5PM
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