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An increasing number of Canadians face the challenges of hearing loss, often searching tirelessly for a solution that is not only comfortable but also effective and budget-friendly. At Hear Right in Windsor, we hold a firm belief in offering competitive prices, making certain that more Canadians are equipped with the necessary aids to vastly improve their auditory experience.

In today’s age, with the ever-expanding variety of hearing aids available, making a choice can seem daunting. Our team at the Hear Right Windsor clinic possesses the expertise to guide you in selecting the perfect aid tailored to your unique needs and way of life. We ensure you are supported both now and in the years to come.

If you’re in search of a comprehensive, individually tailored hearing test at no cost, make your way to our Hear Right clinic in Windsor today!

Our hearing center in Windsor

OPENING | Monday March 4th, 2024


630 O’Brien Street, Windsor, Nova Scotia

T:(902) 472-2882
Mon-Fri 9-5PM

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