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With hearing loss as the third-leading chronic health problem in Canada, Canadians’ wellbeing is being affected more and more. From feeling the effects socially to increased stress, living with hearing loss can take its toll.

With the options of hearing aids multiplying by the year, never has it been harder to choose the right hearing aid to meet your needs. However, Hear Right has clinics across Ontario, from Belleville to Windsor and Caledonia to Campbellford, not to mention our Toronto Hear Right clinic, which each have the specialist knowledge necessary to meet your needs. So drop in, and we’ll guide you towards the right aid for your needs and lifestyle, ensuring your hearing loss is compensated for, now and into the future.

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Your health is our number one priority. That’s why we take every expert recommended precaution against COVID-19. These precautions include thoroughly disinfecting every surface prior to your visit, practicing safe social distancing, and wearing protective gear.
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