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Hearing aid clinics in London

We have locations all over Ontario and our team of hearing experts are here to help. Book a free appointment today.

A leading health problem in Canada, hearing loss is heavily impacting the wellbeing of citizens across the country. However, with the options of hearing aid multiplying by the year, never has it been harder to choose the right hearing aid to meet your needs.

Here at the Hear Right clinic in London, Ontario, we have the specialist knowledge to guide you towards the right aid for your needs and lifestyle, ensuring your hearing loss is compensated for, now and into the future.

You can find all your hearing aid solutions at your local Hear Right clinic by the North Thames River here in London, Ontario, where every hearing test is carried out free of charge by expert hearing care professional armed with the information and guidance you so need.

Our hearing center in London


140 Oxford Street East, Suite #407. London, ON N6A 5R9


Monday to Friday: 8:30-4:30pm, otherwise by appointment.

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