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Hearing Center Newmarket

Discover the difference with Hear Right Newmarket, your premier destination for comprehensive hearing care.

At Hear Right Newmarket, led by a Registered Audiologist with a doctorate degree and decades of experience, discover top-notch solutions for all your auditory concerns. From managing excessive ear wax to addressing issues like tinnitus, vertigo, difficulty hearing, or even biannual hearing checks, we provide comprehensive care. Situated in a prestigious medical center in the heart of Newmarket, Hear Right Canada takes pride in tailoring treatments to your individual needs. Trust us to deliver the highest standards of practice for resolving any ear or hearing issues you may encounter.

A comprehensive consultation with a doctor of audiology enables you to understand the workings of your hearing system and explore available options. For instance, if you have hearing loss, we assist you in selecting the optimal hearing aid tailored to your needs. At Hear Right Newmarket, our expertise ensures personalized guidance towards the right aid for your lifestyle, ensuring effective compensation for your hearing loss both now and in the future.

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Our hearing center in Newmarket


535 Mulock Dr Unit 205 Newmarket, ON L3Y 5H2


Monday to Friday: 9-5, otherwise by appointment.
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