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About the Hearing Clinic in Oshawa

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Our clinic in Oshawa is a provider of excellent hearing care customer service. We offer free hearing evaluations, consultations, wax removal, and counseling on hearing loss.

Being in a small town, most of our business comes from word of mouth. We are a friendly, kind and welcoming hearing service provider. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have!

How our clinic can help you:
  • Hearing aids, full hearing evaluation and report,
  • Care and maintenance of your hearing instruments
  • Cerumen (wax) management
  • Insurance and service provider
The first step would be to book a FREE hearing test.
Vithika Selvarajah

Vithika Selvarajah

Hearing Instrument Specialist
Vithika has been working in the hearing profession since 2018. She has now joined the Hear Right Canada team in Oshawa to deliver exceptional care when treating clients. By patiently listening to client needs and putting the client first, she gains satisfaction in finding the right solution for those with hearing losses. As she believes the lack of hearing does not pertain to only one sense, but it impacts the overall quality of ones' life.
Josie Alexis

Josie Alexis

Hearing Consultant
Josie is a new team member at Hear Right Canada and has come to us with over 20 years of Customer Service Experience. She believes if you are looking for an honest, reliable and cost-effective Clinic with a friendly atmosphere, you have chosen the right place.

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