Starkey Hearing Aids

Employing artificial intelligence and wireless connectivity to enhance the operationality of its hearing aids, American hearing aid manufacturer Starkey offers a wide range of hearing aids for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Equipped with various channels, a long battery life, and smartphone connectivity as standard, Starkey aids were the first to include “hearing Reality” – virtual reality but for the ears – thanks to the concentration of multiple layers of sound for a more natural hearing experience. Starkey aids can even collect and store health data via a smartphone app, allowing users more control over their hearing aids.

What Types of Hearing Aids Does Starkey Offer?

Starkey’s commitment to innovation can be seen in its diverse lineup of cutting-edge hearing aids. From advanced artificial intelligence to wireless connectivity, each model is designed to provide a personalized, exceptional hearing experience. With a focus on employing technology to enhance auditory perception, Starkey offers a range of models catering to various degrees of hearing loss and individual preferences:

  • The long-lasting, rechargeable, AI-powered Genesis AI
  • The discreet Evolv AI line, for high sound quality and personalized hearing
  • In-the-ear (ITE) and In-the-canal (ITC) custom-fit Picasso options, designed to ensure a comfortable hearing experience
  • The versatile Livio series offers an optional AI upgrade
  • The Halo series – practical solutions that combine sophisticated technology with convenience.

Hearing Aids Models Highlights

Evolv AI

Starkey Evolv AI


Introducing a new era of personalized hearing, the Starkey Evolv AI line, available in a range of styles, harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver a remarkable listening experience and so much more. This sleek, discreet model perfectly blends advanced technology and personalized sound, offering wearers a truly immersive auditory experience thanks to a 40% reduction in noise energy designed to reduce listening effort compared to the previous technology. With an emphasis on high sound quality and comfort, the Evolv AI stands out as a remarkable choice for those seeking optimal hearing clarity, along with a whole host of smart additional features.

Here are some of the key features of the Evolv AI:

Acuity™ AI Technology: At the heart of the Evolv AI is Acuity™ AI technology, a groundbreaking innovation that employs artificial intelligence to understand and adapt to wearers’ unique listening environments. This intelligent system enhances speech clarity, reduces distracting noise, and ensures users can effortlessly engage in conversations, even in challenging settings.

Language Translation: Through the Thrive Hearing App, the Evolv AI is able to provide real-time language translation, enabling wearers to have conversations with people who speak different languages, and expanding their ability to communicate and connect with others.

Engagement and Activity Tracking: The Evolv AI takes a step beyond traditional hearing aids by allowing wearers to monitor their overall well-being through integrated sensors that track physical activity, cognitive engagement, and social interactions, helping users make informed decisions about their lifestyle and hearing care.

Fall Detection and Alerts: The Evolv AI goes beyond traditional hearing aids by incorporating fall detection technology. This innovative feature can detect falls and send alerts to designated contacts, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind for wearers and their loved ones.

The Starkey Evolv AI embodies a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and personalized comfort. Its AI-powered features make it a smart and intuitive choice for those seeking a discreet yet powerful hearing aid that adapts to their lifestyle and communication needs.


Starkey Livio


Designed to elevate your hearing experience, the Starkey Livio series offers a range of advanced features that cater to your individual needs. Delivering up to 24 hours of hearing on a single charge, the Livio series is available in various styles to accommodate different preferences and degrees of hearing loss. This series also introduces the option for an AI-powered upgrade, ensuring that you stay on the cutting edge of hearing technology.

Here are some of the key features of the Livio line:

Optional AI Upgrade: For those seeking an even more advanced experience, the Livio series offers an optional AI feature upgrade, making it “the world’s first Healthable hearing aid.” This upgrade enhances the hearing aid’s ability to understand and respond to the wearer’s environment, resulting in improved speech comprehension and sound quality, not to mention counting steps and measuring active hearing time to reduce cognitive decline.

Rechargeable Convenience: Designed with convenience in mind, Livio hearing aids are equipped with a rechargeable battery option that offers extended usage on a single charge. This eliminates the hassle of constantly changing batteries, providing all-day power and allowing users to focus on what truly matters – hearing the world around them.

Wireless Connectivity: The Livio provides wireless connectivity to smartphones, TVs, and other devices for seamless audio streaming. This feature enhances communication, entertainment, and social interactions by directly delivering clear, natural sound to the wearer’s ears.

Adaptive Tinnitus Technology: For those dealing with tinnitus, the Livio offers relief through its Tinnitus technology, generating soothing sounds that can help mask the perception of tinnitus, providing users with comfort and relaxation.

The Starkey Livio series combines advanced technology, customizable features, and the option of an AI upgrade to create a comprehensive hearing solution that adapts to your lifestyle and preferences. With its range of styles and cutting-edge capabilities, the Livio empowers you to fully engage in conversations, enjoy your favourite activities, and experience the world of sound with unmatched clarity and comfort.

Starkey’s Evolv AI and Livio hearing aids showcase the brand’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology and design, offering wearers a unique blend of advanced features, superior sound quality, and enhanced connectivity. To explore Starkey’s full range of innovative hearing aids and find the perfect fit for your needs, book your free hearing appointment with our experienced audiologists.

Starkey Apps and Accessories

User-friendly apps that put the power of customization in your hands

Starkey understands that today’s hearing aids are not just about amplifying sound but enhancing overall lifestyle, which is why they give their users exceptional control thanks to user-friendly apps.

A gateway to a fully personalized hearing experience, the Thrive Hearing App revolutionizes control over sound and empowers users to fine-tune their hearing aids in real time, adapting to various environments. Providing features such as reminders, transcription, and even engagement tracking, the Thrive app truly makes for healthable living. The My Starkey app provides easy access to personalized information, support and maintenance tips, ensuring hearing aids seamlessly integrate into the wearer’s daily routine. Additionally, the Hear Share app fosters connection by allowing users to share real-world sound experiences with their hearing care professionals, facilitating tailored adjustments for a truly personalized experience.

Accessories for a new level of connectivity

To ensure users are equipped with the tools required to effortlessly navigate any situation while maintaining their connection to the world around them, Starkey offers an array of accessories that further amplify the capabilities of their hearing aids. TV Streamer transforms users’ living rooms into a private cinema, wirelessly connecting their hearing aids to their favourite entertainment devices for an immersive audio experience. In bustling environments, the Remote Microphone+ becomes the wearers’ auditory ally, capturing speech and transmitting it directly to their ears, ensuring they stay engaged in conversations no matter how noisy the environment. For versatile wireless streaming, the SurfLink Mini Mobile effortlessly switches between devices and directly integrates phone calls, music, and more into users’ hearing aids.

What our Hearing Care professionals Say About Starkey Hearing Aids

Having worked with Starkey hearing aids for many decades, our hearing care professionals are well-versed in the ins and outs of what the brand has to offer. Contact us and check out what our hearing care professionals has to say about the brand.

How To Buy A Starkey Hearing Aid

As stated before, the process of buying a hearing aid is not as straightforward as one might think. At Hear Right, we have a highly-skilled team of professionals and hearing industry experts you can trust to guide you through the most important steps:

1 - Scheduling an appointment near you

The first step is making an appointment with a qualified hearing care provider. You might not even need a hearing aid yet, but only a professional can confirm that. To make things even easier for you, at Hear Right you have access to over 40 locations, with a clinic near you. You can schedule a cost-free consultation with one of our hearing care professionals online now.

2 - Diagnosing the level of hearing loss

Suppose your hearing test does return a mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss diagnosis. In that case.

hearing aid icon

3 - Choosing the right hearing aid model

Through this careful and personalized evaluation, after our hearing care professional has helped you test different hearing aids and gradually tuned them to different environments, we are now able to tell you what’s the perfect hearing solution for you: one that fits your needs and your budget.

Starkey Hearing Aids: Are they for you?

When it comes to superior hearing solutions that blend advanced technology, comfort, and superb sound quality, Starkey stands at the forefront. From the AI-powered sophistication of the Evolv AI to the versatile capabilities of the Livio series, Starkey hearing aids empower wearers to embrace life to the fullest by providing clear and natural sound, personalized settings, and convenient connectivity. With user-friendly apps and a range of accessories to enhance usability, Starkey ensures that their hearing aids seamlessly integrate into any lifestyle.

Are you ready to embrace a world of sound clarity and connectedness? At Hear Right, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect hearing solution that aligns with your unique needs and preferences. Our team of expert audiologists is ready to guide you through the exceptional features of an extensive range of hearing aid options, so make sure you schedule a free hearing appointment today to experience the future of hearing technology, firsthand.

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