The Benefits of Early Hearing Loss Detection and Treatment

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When we experience gradual changes over a significant period, it’s easy to adapt to them as time passes or even ignore them altogether. This is especially true for hearing loss, which often goes unnoticed. In fact, Canadians wait an average of 7 years or more before seeking help for their hearing, during which time their quality of life sees a significant decline.

Ready to find out more about hearing loss in Canada and the benefits of seeking help earlier rather than later? Then read on! 

The Prevalence of Hearing Loss

Overall, 60% of Canadians aged 19 to 79 have a hearing health problem, with an estimated 1 in 5 adults having at least mild hearing loss that impedes their ability to hear speech. In short, hearing loss is far more widespread than many imagine. Though the consequences of hearing loss may not be felt immediately, they can have a huge impact on the quality of life of individuals, impeding communication and leading to embarrassment, fatigue, and anxiety, not to mention social isolation and even depression, cognitive decline, and dementia

The Benefits of Early Detection of Hearing Loss

With the negative effects of hearing loss affecting every aspect of an individual’s life, it’s imperative that any loss of hearing is detected early and treated as soon as possible. Like with any medical condition, the earlier you catch it, the quicker action can be taken to prevent and reverse its negative effects, and hearing loss is no different. The benefits of detecting hearing loss early include reducing the risk of cognitive decline, improving communicative ability – and, therefore, social interactions with family and friends – and even improving job performance. It all makes sense when you think about it, as communication is key to so many aspects of our daily lives. In fact, considering data from both medical reports and individual accounts, it’s clear that quality of life sees a significant improvement once treatments for hearing loss have begun, the most common of which are fitting a hearing aid. 

The Benefits of a Hearing Aid

Getting a hearing aid fitted is an immediate solution to hearing loss, giving you back access to the world of sound around you. Nowadays, hearing aids are manufactured to meet various needs, providing a solution no matter the type of hearing loss or the reason behind it. As such, getting an aid fitted means your communication is instantly improved, restoring your quality of life, improving social and professional communications, and allowing you to integrate back into the world around you. 

How to Get Help for Hearing Loss

If you think your hearing might be going, the first step is getting your hearing tested by a trained, experienced audiologist. To become an audiologist, specialists have to have an advanced degree in audiology, making them medical experts in the field and therefore qualified to detect all types of hearing loss. Though hearing tests are provided up and down the country, they’re not always administered by such qualified individuals, which means sometimes needs aren’t met as well as they could be.  

When you book an appointment at Hear Right, you can be sure you’ll have your hearing tested by a trained, experienced audiologist. Not only do our professionals know all there is to know about ear function and hearing, but they’re also well-versed in our options of hearing aid, ensuring they can walk you through the options available to you, guiding you towards the right choice for your needs, wallet, and comfort. 

Book a Hearing Test

Here at Hear Right, we provide hearing tests for free because we couldn’t be more aware of what a difference hearing makes to all our lives. As such, we also provide:

      • A full hearing evaluation and report

      • A 90-day trial period

      • Free care and maintenance of your hearing aid

      • Wax management

      • Centres across the country

    Because caring for your hearing is our priority. 

    There are so many benefits to getting your hearing tested, evaluated, and treated if necessary. Finding it hard to hear? Then why not book a hearing test at your local Hear Right centre, getting you back on track to the quality of life you deserve?

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