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Myths About Hearing Loss

hearing loss problem myths

The idea that hearing loss only happens to the aged – and is an unavoidable circumstance of aging- is just one of many commonly believed myths about the issue. The truth is that hearing loss affects all age groups. Only 40 percent of people with hearing loss are older than 64. Here are some common myths about hearing loss, and the truth behind the myths:

Myth: Only people with serious hearing loss need hearing aids.

Truth: Your lifestyle, your need for refined hearing and the degree of your hearing loss will determine whether you need a hearing aid. If you’re in a profession that relies on your ability to discern the nuances of human conversation – such as a lawyer, teacher or group psychotherapist – even mild hearing loss can interfere with your life.

Myth: Nothing can be done about my hearing loss.

Truth: People with hearing loss in one ear, with a high-frequency hearing loss, or with nerve damage may have been told by their family doctor that nothing can be done to help. Modern technology has changed that. Now, nearly 95 percent of people with hearing loss can be helped, most with hearing aids.

Myth: Hearing aids are big and ugly. Wearing one will make me look old or disabled.

Truth: Untreated hearing loss is far more noticeable than today’s miniature hearing aids that fit totally within the ear canal or behind your ear, making them virtually invisible.

Myth: I cannot afford hearing aids

Truth: There is a wide price range in hearing aids on the market just like there is for other consumer products. In addition the Ontario Ministry of Health offers a hearing aid grant, regardless of age.

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