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When hearing loss becomes a problem, and you’re ready to take the steps necessary to get your hearing back, the hearing aid market may seem like a complex one to navigate. You’re likely to have questions like, “what’s causing my hearing loss?”, “how severe is it?” and “how can I go about hearing again?”. It may well seem like the easiest option available to you is to run down to your local Costco and grab a hearing aid to sort you out. It may not, however, be that simple. Read on to find out the pros and cons of buying at an audiology centre vs at a big-box retail store.

The Pros of Buying a Hearing Aid at Costco

There’s no denying that to the untrained eye, buying a hearing aid at Costco certainly has its appeal, starting at the ease of purchase and price. Here’s a list of all the benefits:


Walking into a Costco (as long as it has a hearing centre) may not seem as daunting as booking a hearing appointment.


Costco is known for its lower prices on hearing aids due to bulk buying from manufacturers, but more on this later.


Costco sells hearing aids made by reputable manufacturers, which means that the quality of the aids you get is good.


Some stores hire healthcare professionals such as audiologists or hearing aid specialists to fit your aid for you. Ensure your store has the specialist you need before purchasing your aid.

Lots of perks

If you have a Costco membership, These include a free hearing test, product demonstrations, follow-up appointments, hearing aid cleanings and checkups, and adjustments.

Though it may seem as if there are several advantages to getting your hearing aid at your local big-box store, there are certainly some downsides to consider, so keep reading to get the full picture.  

The Cons of Buying a Hearing Aid at Costco

Though the advantages of buying at Costco may have piqued your interest, ensure you have all the information before making your decision. Here are some negatives you may also want to consider:


Some of the hearing instruments you buy at Costco are “locked,” which means they can only be adjusted, fitted, or repaired at a Costco store. If you’re not pleased with the service you get or simply want a second opinion, this won’t be possible with one of their aids.

Fewer features

You may notice that many of the brands you can get at Costco are the same as those sold by licensed hearing centres and assume you’d get the same product. However, Costco sells these aids at reduced prices for a very good reason: some of their advanced features have been intentionally removed. Depending on your type of hearing, this may not make a difference, but those features may be exactly what you need to navigate the most important situations to you.

Long wait times

Though this will vary from store to store, Costco customers have complained of long wait times to get their aid and again to book appointments for adjustments, checkups, or even to get a problem solved.

The importance of Having your Hearing properly tested

A common misconception when it comes to getting a hearing aid is that the process is similar to getting glasses. Far more than lenses and frames, hearing devices are like minicomputers that sit in your ear. Gone were the days when all they did was make everything louder. Now they’re far more sophisticated, moulded to your specific type of hearing loss to amplify only the frequencies and pitches that will make all the difference to you, as well as a range of other possibilities. 

 This means that the hearing test you undergo will make all the difference in getting you the aid to meet your needs. If the person carrying out your test isn’t familiar with the types of hearing loss and how to provide for them, they may not fit you correctly, which means that you may not be getting the solution you so desperately seek. 

The Benefits of Buying at Hear Right

Though buying a hearing aid from Costco certainly has its benefits, there are undeniably more benefits to getting your hearing properly tested at a Hear Right Canada. This will ensure you undergo tests done by a hearing care professional who has completed thorough training to care for your hearing. After all, audiology is a branch of medical care, and when it comes to your health, wouldn’t you rather entrust it to a trained professional?

At Hear Right, you’re eligible for a free hearing test, when you may be with us for between half an hour and an hour. During the test, we determine the exact cause of your hearing loss. From underlying health issues to simply a buildup of ear wax, there’s a lot more to your hearing than you may think, which means a hearing aid may not even be the solution to meet your needs. Still, you’ll need a professional to assess you to be able to tell you exactly what’s going on.

If you do need a hearing aid, our trained professionals will be sure to walk you through every option available, pinpointing features to help with your specific hearing loss and giving you information about warranties and battery life, which may make all the difference down the line. Practices like Real Ear Measurement ensure your aid is fitted correctly, and you’re given a 90-day trial period to ensure you have the right aid for you, giving you a full refund if you’re unsatisfied.

While the choice of where to buy a hearing aid is a complex one, it’s worth weighing up your options before you decide, ensuring you’re taking the right steps towards hearing clearly once again.

Hear Right Canada

Hear Right Canada

At Hear Right, we provide a high level of care for the treatment and rehabilitation of hearing loss utilizing highly skilled hearing care professionals and advanced technology at a lower cost to our patients.
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