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5 Must-Know Tips for Summer Hearing Aid Care

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Summer is almost here, bringing heat, humidity, and endless outdoor adventures. To keep your hearing aids in top shape during the season, it’s essential to protect them from sweat, water, and sun damage. Here are key tips to ensure your devices perform optimally, so you can fully enjoy the sounds of summer.

Beat the Heat

As temperatures rise, remember that your hearing aids are sensitive pieces of technology that can suffer from heat exposure. Avoid leaving them in hot places like your car or in direct sunlight. Instead, store your devices in a cool, dry place when not in use to protect them from potential heat damage and ensure they continue to function optimally all summer long.

Sweat Happens

Increased perspiration during summer can affect your hearing aids, especially if you’re exercising or spending time outdoors. To manage this, consider wearing a sweatband or bandana to absorb sweat around your ears. Additionally, make it a habit to wipe your hearing aids with a soft, dry cloth throughout the day to keep them dry and functioning well.

Water Woes

While some hearing aids are water-resistant, they are not waterproof. This means they can handle a bit of moisture but should not be worn while swimming or showering. To protect your hearing aids from humidity and water exposure, consider investing in a drying kit or dehumidifier to remove any accumulated moisture and keep your devices in optimal condition.

Sunscreen Savvy

Sunscreen and insect repellent can cause significant damage to hearing aids. Always apply these products before putting on your devices, and be sure to wait until they are completely dry before reinserting your hearing aids. This simple precaution helps protect the microphone and battery compartment from potential harm.

Professional Care

Regular cleanings and checkups with an audiologist are crucial for maintaining your hearing aids in top condition. Professional maintenance ensures optimal performance, allowing you to enjoy clear sound quality and longevity from your devices. Schedule these appointments before summer activities to address any potential issues and ensure your hearing aids are ready for the season.

Hear Right Canada: Your Partner in Hearing Health

At Hear Right Canada, our mission is to help as many Canadians as possible regain their hearing and overall well-being. With over 70 locations across Canada and the US, including Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Miami, we offer local, friendly service and a range of hearing solutions.

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