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Is it safe to wear my hearing aids while gardening or mowing the lawn?

I recommend using ear protection such as earmuff protectors or earplugs, when using any noisy equipment, including a lawn mower. However, if your hearing aids have built in noise reduction they will provide some level of noise protection while wearing them in those types of situations
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Another concern is debris and moisture getting in to the hearing aids.I really encourage hearing aid wearers to use their instruments at all times during the day.

A few small modifications can ensure the hearing aids perform well, even when used outdoors and in dusty environments. Have your hearing care provider check to make sure that your microphones are protected. They can usually add a simple screen, in the office, to reduce the amount of dirt that gets into the microphones from airborne particles (the screens have an added benefit of reducing wind noise as well).Another asset is to have a dehumidifying container for the hearing aids to go in at night.

Moisture from the air and perspiration can cause static, distortion and even corrosion in the wiring. A dehumidifying or “dri-aid” unit is inexpensive (usually under $20) and can greatly prolong the life of the hearing aids. With spring upon us there’s lots of yard work too! Wear your hearing aids and enjoy all of the sound of spring that are out there.

Happy Gardening.

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