Free Online Hearing Test

Do you think you have hearing loss?

Find out with our user-friendly online hearing test. It’s a convenient first step in assessing your hearing health, designed for clarity and ease of use.

What Are Online Hearing Tests?

An online hearing test is a convenient, digital tool designed to help you assess your hearing ability from the comfort of your home. Through a series of steps, you listen to different sounds at various volumes and adjust settings to determine the softest level at which you can hear. This test, which can evaluate hearing in both ears, provides an initial assessment of your hearing health and can indicate if a more detailed, professional evaluation is needed.

Preparing For Your Online Hearing Test

Beyond the Online Test: Personalized Care Near You

Booking a Comprehensive Evaluation

If your test results suggest hearing difficulties, we encourage you to book an appointment at one of our clinics. With a comprehensive in-person evaluation, our experts will guide you towards the best hearing solutions tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

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Extending Our Reach Across Canada and Beyond

With over 60 locations, our mission at Hear Right Canada is to assist as many individuals as possible in improving their hearing and overall wellbeing. Our network of skilled hearing specialists provides warm, local service from coast to coast, in provinces like Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and even extending to Miami in the US.

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