Pricing and Guarantee



All hearing evaluations are done at no charge and without obligation.

Most clinics refuse to quote you a price until you have sat through a hearing test. We give our prices up front. If you do decide to have the hearing test after reviewing our prices we can then tell you if a hearing instrument will help you and we can guide you to a product which will give you the best results.

We include the following:

  • A complimentary hearing test and hearing health assessment
  • A quality custom hearing instrument programmed to your individual needs
  • Instruction on the use and care of your hearing instrument
  • 90 day trial period. You may return the hearing aid(s) during this period for a full refund if you are not satisfied
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty*
  • Free ongoing support;
    • Counselling
    • Follow up evaluations and assessments as needed
    • Unlimited cleaning and reprogramming services
  • Free replacement in case of loss or damage**

*Some brands have a 2 year warranty rather than 3 years. Some conditions apply, see clinic for details.

**3 major brands only, once only during the first 2 years. Some conditions apply, see clinic for details.

audiologist inserting an hearing aid
BTE hearing aids


Satisfaction Guarantee

All hearing instruments purchased from hear right canada can be returned within 90 days for any reason. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The hearing instruments we sell are warrantied by the manufacturers. Full details will be provided with your instrument.

Hearing aids come with a 3 year warranty and a 2 year loss and damage warranty.*

*Some aids have only a 2 year warranty and a 1 year loss and damage warranty. Some conditions apply, details will be provided at time of purchase.

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