Phonak Hearing Aids

Advanced noise reduction technology is a strength of Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak, which prides itself on producing the world’s only extended-wear hearing aid. Scoring highly across satisfaction surveys, the brand is the biggest manufacturer of hearing aids worldwide for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Connectivity with advanced bionics cochlear implants, bi-directional audio streaming in real-time, and the AutoSense OS feature, which adjusts hearing aid settings to environmental transitions, are all features that make Phonak hearing aids market leaders. 

What Types of Hearing Aids Does Phonak Offer?

Phonak offers a comprehensive lineup of innovative hearing aids designed to cater to diverse hearing needs and preferences. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, Phonak has established itself as a pioneer in hearing solutions. With ranges that include models that span different tiers and styles, Phonak ensures there’s an ideal option for every individual. From discreet in-the-ear options to powerful behind-the-ear models, Phonak’s lineup includes:

  • The Marvel series, for a seamless and natural listening experience
  • In-the-ear (ITE) and In-the-canal (ITC) Virto custom-fit solutions
  • The powerful Behind-the-ear (BTE) Naída series, providing options for severe to profound hearing loss
  • Receiver-in-canal (RIC) Audéo Lumity, designed to provide users with clear speech understanding, reducing listening effort
  • The discreet and hassle-free In-the-canal (ITC) Lyric solutions

Hearing Aids Models Highlights


Phonak Audéo Marvel


The Phonak Marvel series is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and user-centered design. With its emphasis on seamless connectivity and exceptional sound quality, Marvel hearing aids elevate every user’s listening experience to new heights and are compatible with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices, offering direct streaming of calls and music while enhancing wearer connectivity and overall hearing experience.

Here are some of the key features of the Marvel:

AutoSense OS 3.0: This advanced operating system intelligently analyzes the surrounding environment and automatically adjusts hearing aid settings to guarantee optimal sound quality in various listening situations. Whether in a quiet room, a noisy restaurant, or a bustling street, the Marvel perfectly adapts to provide the best possible listening experience.

Roger™ Technology Compatibility: The Marvel is compatible with the Roger system, groundbreaking wireless technology that enhances speech understanding in challenging listening scenarios. By connecting to Roger microphones, this technology provides wearers with improved speech understanding even in the most challenging listening conditions, like crowded rooms or noisy restaurants.

Binaural VoiceStream Technology: Designed to facilitate effortless communication, Marvel’s VoiceStream Technology™ offers consistent, accurate delivery of speech sounds and lets wearers engage in natural, two-way conversations with confidence thanks to the wireless communication technology between the hearing aids, prioritizing speech and reducing background noise.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The Marvel’s Bluetooth capabilities allow users to connect their hearing aids directly to smartphones, tablets, computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This enables wireless streaming of phone calls, music, podcasts, and more, transforming these hearing aids into a versatile communication and entertainment tool.

Providing a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features, the Marvel series exemplifies Phonak’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions that bridge the gap between hearing aid technology and modern connectivity, ultimately enhancing users’ quality of life.


Phonak Audéo Lumity


Phonak Audéo Lumity exemplifies Phonak’s unwavering dedication to providing personalized hearing solutions – the result of meticulous engineering and a deep understanding of individual auditory requirements. By harmoniously integrating advanced features with supreme comfort, the Audéo Lumity offers wearers a truly tailor-made hearing experience that harmonizes effortlessly with their unique lifestyle.

Here are some of the key features of the Audéo Lumity:

AutoSense OS 5.0: Building on the success of previous versions, Phonak equips the Audéo Lumity with AutoSense OS 5.0, an advanced system that further refines environmental detection and automatic adjustments to ensure that wearers experience seamless transitions between various listening environments, enjoying optimal sound quality in every situation.

Speech Enhancer: This feature focuses on enhancing speech clarity, making conversations more understandable even in challenging listening environments. By prioritizing speech frequencies, the Audéo Lumity makes sure that wearers can effortlessly follow conversations and engage in social interactions.

ActiveVent Receiver: The Audéo Lumity introduces a new level of comfort and natural sound perception thanks to a ventilation outlet that reduces occlusion, ensuring more natural wear. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience discomfort or a “plugged-up” feeling.

SoundRecover 2: Phonak’s technology is designed to enhance the audibility of high-frequency sounds that might otherwise be difficult for users to perceive. By converting these sounds into lower frequencies, SoundRecover 2 provides wearers with a more complete, richer listening experience.

The Phonak Audéo Lumity combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for those seeking advanced hearing solutions that prioritize sound quality, comfort, and connectivity. With features designed to enhance speech comprehension, reduce noise, and provide customizable settings, the Audéo Lumity series ensures that wearers can engage with the world around them with confidence and clarity.

Phonak’s commitment to innovation and user satisfaction shines through its Marvel and Audéo Lumity series. Whether you seek advanced connectivity or superior sound quality, Phonak’s diverse lineup has a solution tailored to your unique hearing needs. To explore the full range of Phonak hearing aids and find the perfect fit for your lifestyle, book your free hearing appointment with our expert audiologists.

Phonak's Innovative Accessories and Charging Solutions

Smart apps to power up your hearing

Phonak’s commitment to advanced technology extends to their user-friendly apps, enriching the way wearers engage with their hearing aids. The myPhonak and myPhonak Junior apps give users precise control, enabling them to personalize their hearing aids by adjusting volume levels, selecting specific listening programs, and accessing real-time support. This comprehensive app enhances user autonomy and allows wearers to optimize their hearing aids for various environments. Additionally, for those using Roger™ microphones, myRogerMic complements the listening experience by offering intuitive control over microphone settings and prioritizing speech clarity in challenging settings, further demonstrating Phonak’s dedication to enhancing communication.

Essential accessories to connect in style

Phonak’s pursuit of comprehensive hearing solutions extends to their range of universal accessories, seamlessly integrating with their hearing aids for enhanced functionality. Their TV Connector wirelessly streams audio from electronic devices directly to Phonak hearing aids, delivering a personalized listening experience for TV shows, movies, and entertainment. The Phonak PartnerMic is another valuable accessory that enhances communication by wirelessly transmitting speech to the user’s hearing aids, perfect for one-on-one conversations and group discussions. And for convenient adjustments, the Phonak RemoteControl offers a streamlined approach, giving wearers the power to fine-tune volume levels, switch between listening programs, and personalize settings using their smartphones.

What our Hearing Care professionals Say About Phonak Hearing Aids

Having worked with Phonak hearing aids for many decades, our hearing care professionals are well-versed in the ins and outs of what the brand has to offer. Contact us and check out what our hearing care professionals has to say about the brand.

How To Buy A Phonak Hearing Aid

As stated before, the process of buying a hearing aid is not as straightforward as one might think. At Hear Right, we have a highly-skilled team of professionals and hearing industry experts you can trust to guide you through the most important steps:

1 - Scheduling an appointment near you

The first step is making an appointment with a qualified hearing care provider. You might not even need a hearing aid yet, but only a professional can confirm that. To make things even easier for you, at Hear Right you have access to over 40 locations, with a clinic near you. You can schedule a cost-free consultation with one of our hearing care professionals online now.

2 - Diagnosing the level of hearing loss

Suppose your hearing test does return a mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss diagnosis. In that case.

hearing aid icon

3 - Choosing the right hearing aid model

Through this careful and personalized evaluation, after our hearing care professional has helped you test different hearing aids and gradually tuned them to different environments, we are now able to tell you what’s the perfect hearing solution for you: one that fits your needs and your budget.

Phonak Hearing Aids: Are they for you?

If you’re in search of hearing aids that blend cutting-edge technology, exceptional sound quality, and user-friendly features, Phonak offers a range of solutions that cater to your needs. Whether you’re looking for seamless connectivity, personalized settings, or enhanced speech clarity, Phonak’s Marvel and Audéo Lumity series are designed to elevate your hearing experience. Tailored to your lifestyle, they ensure you can engage with the world around you with confidence and clarity.

Ready to embark on your journey to improved hearing? At Hear Right, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect Phonak hearing aid that aligns with your unique requirements. Schedule a free hearing appointment with our expert audiologists today and discover a world of enhanced hearing clarity and connection.


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